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Communication is a big part of our every day life whether you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or corporate leader. Very few people are immune to the fear of public speaking. Just the thought of getting up on stage may generate anxiety and stress.

Want to be Great at Public Speaking?

You need ‘The Confident Speaker’ Audio Book!


This audiobook has 33 simple yet effective tips used by the world’s best speakers –  to improve your public speaking that gets your audience to take action, not just applause. Learn how to get your points across the first time, how to hook your audience, how to deal with distractions and interrupters, what to do when asked a question you don’t know the answer to, and more , all available to you right now with the click of a button. 

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This book also comes FREE when you purchase the online course, SPEAK LIKE A PRO, the super effective step-by-step guide that will make facing a camera or stepping on stage feel like “having a piece of cake.”


My name is Mofoluwaso Ilevbare, fondly called “Fofo”. I’m a soulful thoughtleader, wife, and mother. My love for writing has made me a 6-time Amazon Best-selling Author, co-authoring six Amazon best-sellers, writing fourteen books of my own. I recently received a Quilly Award in Hollywood from the National Academy of Best Selling Authors for the bestselling book “Cracking The Code To Success” co-authored with Brian Tracy.


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